best casino slots apk download android appsJacob sheep:

It has been suggested that Jacob’s may be one of the oldest breeds of domestic sheep. It is thought that art evidence of spotted, horned sheep extends back to 1800 BC in an Egyptian wall painting.

Whilst the exact origins of the Jacob are unknown, there is speculation that Jacobs have strong Mediterranean roots.

These primative black and white sheep are popular for their unique appearance, easy to keep and known for their well natured behaviour. They become trusting friends and each have a unique personality and individuality that make this breed very special. A great source of information and support can be found at the Jacob sheep society see

Red Poll:

This breed of cattle derived from Norfolk and Suffolk. The Norfolk cow, which was a beef type, often blood red in colour was crossed with the Suffolk polled bull.

The Red Poll Cattle Society was formed in 1888.

Red Polls are medium sized cattle, they have glossy conker red coats, giving them excellent visual appeal, a duel purpose breed (beef & milk) promotes their docile nature and gentle temperament means they are easy to bond with, as we found out very early on with our first red poll, Lady Lavenham Catrin.